How 'Peerworking' Helped me Double my Yearly Turnover

Michael Alder of Fused Health and Safety Ltd is coming to the end of his 2nd month as a Practitioner with The Business Clinic. He recently came to a 'Peerworking' session with a discussion point about a client who had offered him a high value contract. The contract was a great opportunity for Michael but the offer was on the condition that Michael would spend 2 fixed days a week working with them.Michael Alder 17th July 19

When he set up his own business, Michael wanted to have the flexibility to be able go out to his clients as and when they needed him. To be able to offer them that level of invaluable support was so important to him and he didn’t want to compromise his client experience and overall business ethos.

After reassurance that he should stand his ground from the practitioners in the room he went back to the client and respectfully declined the offer due to his company values. They have come back to Michael with an alternative offer having recognised Michael’s skill set and fully respectful of the fact that he didn’t want to compromise the way he works for his clients and he has been offered to go ahead with the contract on his own grounds.

Now he gets the best of both worlds.

Business owner of 2 years Michael, said "if I hadn't raised this discussion at the meeting and been able to talk it through and get the right support and advice from other business professionals I would have made the wrong decision." He distinctly remembers BCO Co-Founder Helen saying “remember why you went into business” which really made him think about what he was willing to compromise.

Michael would like to thank everyone at the surgery for their continued support and guidance and for giving him the confidence to stick to his guns and know his own worth.

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