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Lancashire business leaders urged to improve communication skills

By Ged Henderson - Henderson News and Media

Lancashire business leaders are being urged to improve their communication skills to improve their performance and drive their organisations and the county’s economy forward.

Preston-based business support organisation The Business Clinic says better communication is vital for the success of companies in all sectors.

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Making sure your voice is heard

Henderson News and Media

Ged Henderson

Media advice and strategy isn’t something that should just concern large corporations. Whatever the size of your business you need to work hard at telling the right audience who you are and what you do.

Getting your message heard loudly and clearly in an increasingly crowded marketplace can be the difference between sales success and failure.

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People buy from people... But why?

By Carmen Parkinson 

The Business Clinic Organisation delivered their first workshop of 2017478403802 this week aimed at enabling the county’s professional sector to improve their communication skills. This sector is becoming increasingly target driven so the ability to communicate effectively with existing and prospect clients is a must.

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From Her Majesty’s Service to YOURS!Ladykings Logo

By Carmen Parkinson 

Former prison officer Adele King was recently invited to deliver a key note presentation to Probus in the Ribble Valley. Probus are a group of retired professionals who had heard about Adele, the only female lock smith in the North West, from one of their business contacts and were keen to learn more.

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Marshall Peters - Survival of the Fittest

It is an often quoted statistic that around 80% of start up businesses are doomed to fail, which is possibly why most of the funding and mentoring support is aimed at this sector, but what happens to businesses which survive these early years? When you take into account that small businesses represented 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2016 and 99.9% of these were small or medium sized (SME’s) it is hardly surprising that more of these business owners are looking for additional support to continue trading, and thereby contributing to the economy. Total employment in these organisations was 15.7 million, 60% of all private sector employment in the UK. with a combined annual turnover of £1.8 trillion, 47% of all private sector turnover in the UK.

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Routes to Funding

So many entrepreneurs find that the lack of access to finance can be a real2322531 bank funding cash money 300x300 barrier when looking to start up or expand a business, The Business Clinic have the ability to access Government backed start up loan facilities and in the last eight months alone have supported more than a dozen business owners to realise their dreams.

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Cakes are a Necessity (of course) as is advice from WNJ.

By Carmen ParkinsonWNJlogosm

The Business Clinic Organisation had the pleasure of welcoming Chris & Kevin from Wallwork, Nelson & Johnson Chartered Accountants as facilitators of their open clinic in March.

Aptly entitled” Don’t Be Left With Egg On Your Face” in the run up to Easter the content comprised of highlights from the Spring budget.

Many questions were answered in a jargon free and interactive session which gave those present a clearer insight into just how the budget changes affected their businesses and revenues.

Possibly one of the most important questions answered on the night relates to our assertion above that cake is indeed a necessity. In 1991 the UK courts ruled that Jaffa cakes are actually cakes and not biscuits and therefore not subject to VAT Cakes, as a necessity, do not attract VAT so there you have it. For details of the full particulars of this ruling please use your favourite internet search engine!

Of course more weighty issues were discussed such as personal allowances and the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund!

Ways in which champagne and gift vouchers can be allowable as business “trivial benefits” were also explored with real life examples given; prizes for the winners of the interactive games came in the form of chocolate eggs and a free guide to the budget implications was issued so there really was something for everyone.

Wallwork Nelson and Johnson succeed where many others do not in that they offer their clients tailored real world solutions to their financing, tax and revenue requirements.

Many ideas, and all of them legal, were suggested for ways to mitigate the tax burden faced by business owners but of course there is no substitute for one to one advice from an expert, and that is what the team at WNJ specialise in.

One of our favourite feedback comments came from local entrepreneur and BNI royalty, Nicola Taylor, who said “Tax made interesting, yes really! Great & relevant information provided by WNJ”.

Don’t worry if you missed this one as we hold our open clinics each and every month.

April offers you the chance to meet local celebrity & business banking relationship manager Kirsty Cockcroft who promises to “bust through the jargon of business banking”. Please register your interest here we would love to meet you.


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Busting through the Jargon of Business Banking

By Helen Livesey

The Business Clinic opened its doors in April once again for their regular monthly clinic. Local “celebrity” Kirsty Cockcroft hosted the event for an audience of more than twenty local business owners.

One such surprising tip was that visiting comparison quote websites can damage your credit rating ....who knew!
It helps to have four or more credit accounts as this demonstrates your ability to manage finance.

Did you know as CIC or Charity you can receive free business banking for life?

Did you also know that your personal credit file is updated monthly and not annually? Big brother so it seems really is watching.

Did you know it only takes 7 days to switch your personal or business account?


How great is that! Even when switching your account you may receive a free banking period.

Free banking periods are currently available for up to 25 months!

Kirsty the face of The Royal Bank of Scotland, with bill boards featuring Kirsty nationally. Deservedly so, as Kirsty is passionate about providing the right support and accounts for personal and business customers. Kirsty has a wealth of experience on choosing the right service and support for businesses through to unlocking access to the right funding options.

Kirsty also meets with her customers personally, often travelling out to visit them as she understands just how busy her clients are in running their own businesses. One such client recently said of his initial meeting with her “Just what I would expect from a relationship manager...and more!”

Kirsty is the relationship manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Fishergate and Kirkham branches and specialises in business banking. Kirsty has been a business manager for over 8 years and has more than 14 years experience in the banking sector. Through the bank she is involved in working with a multi million pound regional support programme for thousands of entrepreneurs in all sectors.

As a business support organisation themselves, The Business Clinic are proud to work closely with Kirsty as she brings a personal touch to the world of banking and finance. Kirsty is a regular attendee of the bi-weekly ‘peerworking’ surgeries where she shares her expertise as the Banking Consulting Practitioner with The Business Clinic.

The real message to come out of the evening was that Kirsty cares about giving the right advice to make your business banking and finance journey the correct one for you! Want to know more talk to Kirsty at The Royal Bank of Scotland and the team at The Business Clinic.

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Are you sending the right message?

By Ged Henderson

Getting those key messages right is vitally important to the success of any business.

The right message – in the right place – will unlock new business and increase sales. It will connect you with your customers.adaptive media 10 03 2016jpeg

Would you like to:

1. Identify and develop the key messages of your business that you need to project both internally and externally to make your marketing work

2. Look at how those messages can be best delivered through the organisation’s website and social media to create business opportunities

3. Advise on how those key messages can be harnessed into powerful information and marketing tools to drive new business leads

Henderson News and Media’s marketing workshop has been designed to work with businesses to take an in-depth look at their marketing strategy.

It examines all aspects of their branding, website, SEO and marketing materials and makes sure they have the right message – and it is being delivered where it counts.

And it delivers results...

‘A great, worthwhile session. It allowed us to think closely about our messages, giving us the chance to step away from day to day matters and focus clearly on the way we market the organisation. From it we are in process of creating a strong and vibrant marketing message and campaign.’

Helen Livesey, The Business Clinic

The one-day marketing workshop costs £750 but is available through The Business Clinic at the reduced rate of £600.

Henderson News and Media is an independent consultancy created by a highly experienced professional in the sector. We deliver powerful communications campaigns for clients in a range of sectors.

To find out more or to arrange a one-day marketing workshop contact Ged Henderson on 01772 594 0759 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit our website to see our range of services

Bhavick Chauhan - Pinnacle Business Management Solutions

By Carmen Parkinson


Logo White Centre 355x355 V1.0

This month The Business Clinic would like to welcome its newest Business Practitioner, Bhavick Chauhan of Pinnacle Business Management Solutions Ltd.
Bhavick helps his SME clients to be as efficient, competitive and profitable as possible by working smarter via the organisation of electronic documents and email. Knowing the risks that a business owner faces enables them to prepare and avoid them.
Bhavick himself has a Masters in Civil Engineering and used these skills to design roads. He was an adviser to the Minister of Transport in Qatar for over three years so pointing business owners in the right direction comes quite naturally to him.
Add to this his passion for sky diving, DIY and charity rallying and it becomes evident that Bhavick not only enjoys a challenge but enjoys supporting others.
Bhavick came to us via his internet search for start up business support and was further encouraged to get in touch by Yusuf Musa of Enterprise 4 All. Yusuf had told Bhavick of the many other entrepreneurs who had received support and mentoring from The Business Clinic and so it was that Bhavick was invited to his very first surgery. At this surgery Bhavick was to experience the power of peer support at its best. He himself had this to say about his initial meeting.
“Peerworking surgeries have been really helpful for me. It is a supportive environment which is great when you are a starting out in business on your own. It is a safe confidential environment to discuss new ideas and obtain advice. It has provided me with different points of view and peoples experiences that I have been able to apply to my own business.”
One idea that Bhavick brought for discussion was that of a productivity calculator for business. This is a free tool that allows companies to find out how much time and money is being wasted in their businesses by several factors. Direct feedback received at this first surgery gave Bhavick the information required to create this tool.  
His aim is for SME’s to utilise the calculator in order to put robust foundations into place to achieve business growth cost efficiently. He is passionate about providing these companies with the knowledge, tools and techniques that large corporate organisations utilise but without the large costs.
His regular attendance at further surgeries and clinics hosted by The Business Clinic serves to enhance his own business but also gives him the opportunity to share his own knowledge and expertise with the local business community.

For more information about Pinacle Business Management Solutions Ltd please click here

Sky Dive

They Say You Can Never Replace Time…

By Adele King

AdeleThis of course is true but there are so many other things of which this is also true.

This very fact was recently brought home to me at a security presentation that I made to fifty retired professionals. The shock and worry on their faces when I asked them to think about what would hurt them most to lose should they fall victim to burglary or malicious damage was quite apparent.

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Take a pinch of x, a dash of y and a cupful of z and what do you have? A perfectly blended “Generation Cake”!

By Carmen Parkinson

This is only a part of the required recipe to find the perfect employee according to local H.R. expert Jonathan Tinning of JST Consulting.

Such insights were shared with local business owners at The Business Clinic’s January event “Have Your Cake and Eat It!”

According to Jonathan recruiters are now considering whether an applicant falls into the category of “traditional”, “baby boomer”, “generation X”, “millennials” (generation Y) or “generation Z”. Apparently this is determined by the decade/year in which you were born. Each group has varying attitudes to work, different motivators, ethics etc. So it would make sense it appears to take a blended approach when putting together an effective team.
Now we can all appreciate the headaches, cost and time involved when looking for the right staff so anything that could make this whole process a lot simpler has got to be good, right!

Step forward Jonathan.Photo 01 02 2017 10 55 49

The right person and job specifications, truthful advertising, sincere and relaxed interviewing plus correct assessment and induction processes can all help to ease the pain.

An awareness of the common pitfalls when recruiting, together with the various legal requirements, can save an awful lot of time, money and embarrassment.

Sieving through the hundreds of CV’s which can land on an employers desk can be a very daunting task indeed. Who to shortlist, who to reject, who to invite to interview, how to interview, how to reject without damaging reputation, how long to keep records, how to securely dispose of personal data... and the list goes on. So many ingredients, so little time and no guarantee of the final result. How important it is therefore to get the right mix so that both candidate and employer can rise to the occasion?

The consequences of not getting this recipe right are far more reaching than a soufflé that looks a little flat.
Here at the Business Clinic we know it pays to utilise the knowledge of experts which is why we provide such events to the local business community. After all if you have a toothache you don’t extract your own tooth and if you do well you suffer unnecessary pain; a bit like trying to run a business without support!

If you would like to contact Jonathan for a personal meeting please click here

If you would like to find out more about The Business Clinic and our upcoming events contacts us on:

01772 367 367 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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  • Please accept this with my sincere thanks for all the support and understanding you all have shown me since I joined The Business Clinic. I get such a large... View More..
    Adele King - Owner, Ladyking Locksmiths.

    Please accept this with my sincere thanks for all the support and understanding you all have shown me since I joined The Business Clinic. I get such a large amount of support from within BNI and I wouldn’t be without it, however what the Clinic has brought to me in just a few weeks has shocked me!!!

    Yes you have brought me laughter, headaches, additional work and tears but most of all you have brought me vision to which I can now see where I am taking Ladykings. I know with your peer to peer support you will give me all the tools I will need including a kick when I need it to get me through the tough times. I would have no hesitation in recommending any of my contacts to attend The Business Clinic and gain the support, guidance, knowledge and also the opportunity to help others through testing times. I would also like to thank you sincerely as not only from within my business but as a friend for the support you give me unconditionally.
  • My business R.P. Safety Services has recently received mentoring from Helen and David of the Business Clinic Organisation. The mentoring was tailored to fit my... View More..
    Robin Dobson - MD, R.P. Safety Services (N.W.) Ltd.

    My business R.P. Safety Services has recently received mentoring from Helen and David of the Business Clinic Organisation. The mentoring was tailored to fit my business needs and has helped me to make significant beneficial changes to my aims for business growth and development and the way that I will achieve and retain those aims. The business sense and experience that Helen and David have ensured that the mentoring was right for me and instead of being a repeat of tired clichés and “facts” was a mixture of needs analysis and sensible, practical solutions. Although the mentoring was exclusive to me it was typical of the help and guidance that is given during Business Clinic Organisation surgeries and clinics. I recommend that any business large or small that wants a more sustainable business talks to Helen and David and finds out if the benefits of the Business Clinic Organisation could be available to them.
  • David Nelson has provided our organisation with consultancy and business facilitation and has assisted in the growth and development of our business in the... View More..
    Andrew Walmsley - Operations Director, Concept Building Solutions.

    David Nelson has provided our organisation with consultancy and business facilitation and has assisted in the growth and development of our business in the numerous different ways. As a successful franchisor in operation for 15 years we greatly appreciate the importance of having high calibre successful franchisees within the Concept Building Solutions network.

    We have now worked with David Nelson and his team for over four years during which time the services of franchise recruitment, training, business development and franchisee development have been provided professionally and above our expectations.

    David and his team have managed our franchise recruitment and business development on an outsourced basis and have developed on average 20 new franchisees per year always delivering in excess of our targets.

    The franchisees David has recruited and brought into our network have been first-class and long-standing and he has also had a direct involvement in the training and their ongoing development and support.

    We would highly recommend any franchisor or business looking to strengthen or grow their organisation or network to utilise David and his team's expertise and skills.
  • I would like to thank you for the help and support that the Business Clinic has provided for me over the last 18 months. Being your own boss is an exciting,... View More..
    Alison Wilson - Financial Consultant, Mac Financial

    I would like to thank you for the help and support that the Business Clinic has provided for me over the last 18 months. Being your own boss is an exciting, but sometimes daunting and scary place to be. The Business Clinic, provides a friendly and professional forum to discuss, in confidence, with people from different professions, issues and challenges that you may have within your own business. Having the opportunity to interact, and get advice from people who are specialists in a variety of professions including, marketing, networking, legal, and social media, can be invaluable in helping you get to the solution or see a clearer way to approach and resolve your challenges and concerns. The monthly surgeries that are also available to members, help develop personal skills, knowledge and focus, for being a successful business owner. Although my business has changed direction since I joined the Business Clinic I recently had the opportunity to raise a challenge and benefitted greatly from the discussions and solutions that were offered. It made me refocus on why I joined in the first place. I was also incredibly touched by the efforts that members were prepared to go to, to help me out and make me not only resolve my challenge but make it a success. I would highly recommend the Business Clinic to other Business owners and people in my networks that may be considering starting their own business and wish you every success for the future.
  • I just wanted to send you quick email to say how I just loved the business clinic session this morning. I got way more than I expected and everyone was just... View More..
    Clarissa Jordan

    I just wanted to send you quick email to say how I just loved the business clinic session this morning. I got way more than I expected and everyone was just great, very welcoming with excellent advice, I will definitely be putting the advice given today to use. It just goes to show how much being around like-minded professionals can really help move you forward and to be honest; it's a great start to the day. I'll be back next month as I currently have to take time off work to attend but when I get the business is up and running I'll definitely be a fortnightly presence.

01772 367 367


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